Human Bio and Cough Syrup and a Few Of My Favorite Things

Huh. Third post today.
Well, I got some new cough syrup which I was much more excited about than I should have been but it seems to be working pretty well. I’m making a human bio flashcard set on quizlet currently, it’s going pretty well. I know all the stuff- I’m feeling pretty ready for my test tomorrow.

On another note- my lips are all chapped and really weird. I haven’t been wearing lip balm (I always wear honey-scented Burt’s Bees. Always.) very much, so they’re all bloody and like… Bleh. I love honey so much. It’s got to be one of my favorite things. It’s so sweet and it’s good in tea and it’s perfect. You know what else I like? Pomegranates. You know what? I’m just going to make a list (please note- these are things not people. You will not make the list if you are breathing (or, even if you’re not breathing. I mean, I don’t really know any cadavers or anything, but just in general- no people.)-
Orange juice
–  Honey
Honey lip balm
Mints (specifically the Wintergree Altoid-smalls)
Moleskine notebooks
The Boston Red Sox
Sharpie pens
–  xkcd
A Beautiful Revolution
The New York Times

And now, mostly because I am sick of hyperlinking, I bid you goodnight.

~ by Anna on 11.9.2009.

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